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Preparing for childbirth is a holistic experience and giving time and attention to prepare your body not only impacts your physical well-being but can impact your emotional and mental health as well. With these benefits in mind, I confidently recommend the One Strong Mama Program to my birthing parents. The One Strong Mama program is a trusted prenatal and postpartum exercise program that you can do from home when it works for you. The exercises and movements presented are smart, doable, and tailored to the needs of the pregnant and postpartum body. Beyond addressing the needs of your changing body, the OSM program can help you feel empowered, encouraged, and ready to birth in an informed way.

As a birth doula, I am here for you during the journey to meet your baby. I seek to understand your values and give you resources and support that aligns with the experience and birth you are hoping for. Being body ready for birth is one aspect of preparing for birth! As a doula, I will also help educate you about your choices; resource you when needed; give attention, empathy, and care to your emotional journey; and help you find your strength and confidence to birth your baby in a way that is right for you.

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